Is it Jong Nam?

Namgum Min  |  2009-01-15 17:29
Network for North Korean Democracy and Human Rights (NKnet) has heard that a rumor whereby Kim Jong Nam has been designated as the heir apparent is circulating inside North Korea.

NKnet reported in the latest North Korea In&Out, issued on the 13th, that Jang Sung Taek took control of Party organizations and the Guidance Department in November 2008, and the secret aim of promoting Kim Jong Nam as Kim Jong Ils successor has been undertaken with his approval.

According to North Korea In&Out, Jang Sung Taek has been accompanying Kim Jong Nam since mid-November on visits to Chongjin, Rason and military bases. Kim Jong Nams precise destinations were kept totally secret, but it is reported that party officials at the rank of section chief have started to call Kim Jong Nam the Morning Star General.

North Korea In&Out reported that Kim Jong Nam is not actually regarded highly. However, now he is becoming known as a pioneer who studied abroad to learn advanced technology.

Meanwhile, the latest issue also commented regarding the grain yield for the last year, saying, Crop yields for rice and beans are high, while the corn harvest is not, especially so in northern areas because of drought before the corn could mature.

It also analyzed the food situation, saying that, The rice price, which was 1,800 won per kg at the end of last November, is 2,000 won again as of the last week of December. The price increase reflects peoples fear of rice shortages in the New Year.
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Won Pyongyang Sinuiju Hyesan
Exchange Rate 8,000 8,000 8,025
Rice Price 4,800 4,900 5,200