Rodman Reveals Kim's Birthdate

Lee Sang Yong  |  2013-09-10 15:02
Former NBA player Dennis Rodman has announced his plans to hold a basketball game in North Korea on Kim Jong Euns birthday next year, which falls on January 8th.

Rodman held a press conference yesterday where he stated he will visit North Korea again in December to select players for the game.

We are planning two games on January the 8th and the 10th. The match on Kim Jong Euns birthday will be an historical moment.

This is the first time that Kim Jong Euns birthday has been officially confirmed. North Korean authorities have never released his date of birth, and calendars do not show January 8th as a national holiday.

Rodman also revealed that Kim Jong Eun requested he train the North Korean basketball team in preparation for the 2016 Olympics.

When asked about the issue of human rights in North Korea, Rodman responded, The Marshall is a very good guy."

Rodman also stated that President Barack Obama was not doing enough to ease tensions with North Korea, stating Obama, what are you afraid of? Come and talk to me.

Rodman provided no news of U.S citizen Kenneth Bae, who has been detained in North Korea since 2012.
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