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Physical Abuse of a Woman by the North Korean Military

Pictures taken on August 17, at a border military station
2005-09-27 13:04

Video clip containing North Korean military personnel hitting those arrested for having attempted defection was revealed for the first time.

Free North Korea Broadcasting( recorded on a woman who had been living in China for the last eight months and got arrested when she crossed the Yalu River for her business. It revealed fourteen pictures of the woman beat up by the military personnel.

The video clip of 25 minutes contains 10 minutes of the scenes outside the military posts along the Sino Korean border area and the last thirteen minutes contain scenes of an interrogation of a woman who had transgressed the border from a fixed place in the military station administrative office.

Date of recording is noted as August 17, 2005.

The military personnel make the women it on her knees and ask her about her name, transgression (defection) year, marital status, children, and whether she met any South Koreans. She refused to reply, and they start to beat he with wooden stick and hands and kick her as well.

After the beatings start, the woman starts answering. She had been living in China for eight years, she has one child and she did not meet any South Koreans.

In the womans bag, there were bills of Chinese Yuan, liquor, cigarette, and adult use CDs. The woman replied the CDs are not for sales but for rental.

In the North Korea-China border, there is a North Korean military guard post in every 2-4km. Those who get caught by the Chinese police and unlikely those forcefully repatriated to North Korea by the Chinese police, those who get caught by the North Korean military in during border transgression are firstly interrogated in the military posts along the border.

Those caught during the day are usually sent to another places, but those caught during the night go through interrogations during the day.

Route the video clip was obtained and method is not revealed for the security purpose.

The full length video clip will be broadcasted on Japanese TV in the mid October.

Pictures of Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Suk hanging on the wall of the post
A North Korean military personal reporting days work at the staff section of a battalion
A North Korean defectors forced out of the detention facility inside the post
Soldier fixing his shoes, and frightened woman kneeling down
Soldier holding a wooden stick, a standing lieutenant behind him
Soldier start to beating the woman
Woman falling to the side from beating and broken sick
Woman being kicked at
Soldier stamping on the womans head
Basic interrogation after a while of beatings
Soldiers making a small laugh reading the title of the CD (pulled out of the womans bag), Shivering Heart.
While the soldier writes a document, the lieutenant starts beating the woman
Tying the woman with a rope after the interrogation. The Soldier twists the womans arm for not obeying him
The woman heading back to the detention facility
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