Anti-Kim Graffiti Defies Lectures

Kim Min Su
 |  2010-10-08 18:56
Despite the North Korean authorities strict efforts to limit the spread of criticisms of the Kim Jong Eun succession, negative rumors and graffiti denouncing the Kim family have appeared, according to a Radio Free Asia report.

An RFA source from Chongjin said that following the Chosun Workers Party Delegates Conference a rumor that leaflets denouncing Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Eun were being distributed around the Pyongsung jangmadang appeared. Additionally, he said that graffiti was found in the Sunam-district of Chongjin saying, Lets prey on both the piglet and the mother pig!

According to RFA, an education campaign has been carried out via the internal cable broadcasting system, the so-called third broadcast, and in peoples unit meetings to eliminate these maneuvers by anti-revolution and anti-Party elements.

In the latest lecture held by peoples units, The peoples job is to be the revolutionary weapon with one united heart, the authorities emphasized, The American imperialists and South Chosun puppet factions, who feel anxiety about the fact that the Chairman of the National Defense Commission Kim Jong Il has become the General Secretary of the Party, are trying desperately to spread groundless rumors in our society.
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