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Planning Team of the DailyNK  |  2006-08-09 20:55
▲ A tour guide is showing a house that Kim Il Sung visited. Just below the roof is a panel with calligraphy on it.
The DailyNK recently obtained photos from Russian photographers who were visiting the district of Nasun (Najin-Sunbong City) North Korea, last July. This is the 3rd in a series of photos taken by the photographers.

The photo above was taken with the permission of the tour guide. The photographers commented that this house was the most clean and well organized home they had seen in the whole Nasun district.

In December 1991, the district of Nasun was initiated as a (Free) Economic Trade Zone (decision 74 made under the state of affairs) thus this area experienced a period of rapid growth. The Russian photographers stayed at the Emperor Hotel in Nasun, which was invested in by Emperor Entertainment Group based in Hong Kong at the time. However, due to a lack of infrastructure and withdrawal of foreign investment, development was never completed. At present, Chinese authorities are even prohibiting Chinese tourists to enter the casino in the Emperor Hotel.

Moreover, foreign companies who had invested in the development of the 90’s say that North Korean authorities failed as they were unable to fax even one copy of inspection data, violating contract obligations.

However, the Nasun district through the (Free) Economic Trade Zone was able to attract tourists, export seafood and revitalize markets, and is therefore comparably better off than other districts in North Korea.

▲ A kitchen of a high ranking North Korean official’s home, in Nasun. The tour guide leads the tourists on a special tour for foreigners.
▲ The home is well arranged. Even in Hamkyung province, having a kitchen adjoining the living room is a unique feature.
▲ On the left are pictures of the ‘3 Generals’ Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Sook. As the home displays these pictures, it is undoubtedly the home of a high ranking officer. Pictures of the generals wearing military outfits are only given to authorities, security officers, or officers with high ranking. There is even a refrigerator.
▲ Instead of electricity there are 1, 2 watt voltage batteries. This is only possible within wealthy homes in North Korea.
▲ In order to show and allow foreign tourists to take some photos, a young girl has been dressed in the traditional Korean dress.
▲ A women carrying a metal tin on her head. Her attire is far more advanced than other districts.
▲ The district of Nasun is surrounded by barbed wire.

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