Results Confirm North Korea Sank Cheonan

Namgung Min  |  2010-05-20 11:09
The independent investigation into the sinking of the Cheonan has concluded that the vessel was sunk by an underwater explosion caused by a North Korean mid-sized torpedo containing 250 kg of high explosives.

Yoon Deok Yong, the chief of the joint civilian-military joint investigation team reported the results this morning in a long-awaited Ministry of National Defense press conference, confirming, “Our investigation has arrived at the conclusion that the Cheonan was sunk by an underwater explosion caused by a North Korean torpedo.”

Yoon concluded, “There is no other conclusion but to say that it was a torpedo fired from a small submarine. The Cheonan was sunk by the external, underwater explosion of a North Korean torpedo.”

“A pair of propellers, propeller motor and steering gear which were scattered around Baekryeong Island and subsequently collected by dredgers exactly correspond to the blueprints of a North Korean torpedo, ‘CHT-02D,’ which is contained in a booklet advertising North Korean weapons for export.”

The investigation team collected a 1.5m long fragment of a torpedo including a complete pair of propellers and a drive shaft, on which “1 beon” (“1번”) is marked in Korean.

The investigation team collected a 1.5m long segment of the torpedo including a complete pair of propellers, a fragment of another pair of propellers and a drive shaft, on which “1 beon” (“1번”) is marked in Korean.

Torpedo CHT-02D is a middle-sized torpedo which can carry 250kg of explosives, weighs 1.7 tons and is 21 inches in diameter.

Yoon explained, “On the inside surface of the rear part of the steering gear, ‘1 beon,’ which means No. 1, was found. This corresponds with the way North Korea marked torpedoes we collected before, and confirms that the parts were produced by North Korea.”

As a result of a computer simulation, he added, “We believe that between 200 and 300kg of explosives were detonated around six to nine meters underwater and around three meters to the portside from the center of the gas turbine room.”

He also explained, “A sentry on Baekryeong Island at the time of the explosion testified that he saw a 100 meter high white flash for two or three seconds, which is exactly the phenomenon which is caused by the column of water from an underwater explosion.”

Regarding the movements of submersibles which might have been responsible, Yoon explained, “Some small submersibles and a command ship supporting them left a North Korean naval base two or three days before the Cheonan attack and returned to base two or three days after it.”

“These results have been confirmed by the multi-nation coalition information analysis of five countries: the U.S., Australia, the U.K. and Canada,” he concluded.

The joint civilian-military investigation team consists of 25 experts from ten domestic professional institutes, 22 military experts, three lawmakers from related National Assembly committees and 24 foreign experts from the U.S., Australia, the U.K. and Sweden. The group was divided into four departments: forensic science, explosive pattern analysis, hull structure and data analysis.
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여기 올린 가격은 그냥 모양만 비슷한 재료로 구해서 만들수 있는 가격 목록이지..실제 가격은 천차만별..    | Edit | X 


뱀장어가 압권ㅡㅡ;;;;;;;    | Edit | X 


우아~ 저 음식들 맛있겠다~ 근데 넘 비싸서 아무나 먹을수없는데...    | Edit | X 

주리를 틀어라..

저거 사먹을돈으로 국민들이나 먹여살리시지.... 울나라 대통령들께선 서민적인 음식을 좋아하시던데.. 보고 좀배워!!! 그나저나 노태우 전 대통령의 입맛을 사로 잡았다던 칼국수집이 어디에요? 가보고시포    | Edit | X 


천벌받을날이 있을거다.    | Edit | X 


평양거리의 사람들을 보라! 살찐사람 별로 없고, 거의 마른 사람들 뿐이다. 그곳 한시민은 굶어 죽느니, 차라리 확 전쟁 이나 났으면 하고 생각 했다고 고백했다. 배고픈 백성들의 고통은 무시하고, 제배만 불리는 천벌받을 김정일.... 언제나 정신차릴꼬!!!!!    | Edit | X 


김정일, 너만 잘 먹으면 되냐?-_-
네 눈엔 너네 북한 사람들이 굶주리고 있는 거 안 보여?
-_- 니 뱃속만 채우지 말고 니가 먹는 그 상어 수프 사먹는 돈으로
너네 나라 사람들이나 먹여줘라    | Edit | X 


ㅡ_ ㅡ 돼지시끼// 그돈으로 니 기름진 배만 더 크게 만들지 말고, 북한인민들의 모습을 한번이라도 쳐다보고 , 그 실상을 마음속 깊이 느끼고 반성 좀 하거라. 너가 여태껏 해온일을 반성한다고 그 잘못됨이 없어지진 않겠지만,,, 니 잘못을 안다면,, 더이상 굶주려 죽는 북한인민들은 없을테니 ㅡ    | Edit | X 


뱀장어 캐비어 먹고 싶다.. 비싸고 맛있겠는데.. 당신 눈엔 저기 굶주리고 있는 사람들이 안 보이는 것이요??    | Edit | X 


지옥이 기다리고 있다.무생지문이라고 하는 다시는 태어날 수 없는 곳으로 떠러지고 말 것이다. 정말 나쁜 악령이다.    | Edit | X 

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