"NK Nuke Smuggling" US Aggressive Response Increase in Budget

National Nuclear Security Administration Supply of nuke materials, special budget
Yang Jung A, Reporter  |  2006-12-04 20:09
[imText1]On the 3rd, it was reported that the U.S. Bush Administration plans to increase its 2008 financial budget in order to control the further spread of North Koreas nukes.

Director of Policy and Planning, Dr. Harvey of the National Nuclear Security Administration, an affiliate of the U.S. Department of Energy revealed in an interview, We plan to increase the budget to adopt and strengthen a special policy where suppliers of nuke materials are revealed.

Director Harvey said, It is not possible that North Korea has not yet considered selling its nuke materials and warheads for money, and If this does occur, we will respond with power to identify it, (the nuke materials) as North Korea's.

Also, he said, Interest (regarding the program) has increased since North Koreas nuclear experiment and suggested that the budget increase was aimed at North Korea.

The U.S. Administration seems to be driving the six-party talks towards solving the nuclear issue while strengthening long-term the anticipated U.S. Rapid Verification Program which will, with the aid of WMD cause the eventual downfall of the North Korean regime.

It has become known that the U.S. plans to increase its Preliminary skills in its so called U.S. Nuclear Data Program. The purpose of this program is to identify and unveil suppliers of nuke materials, terrorist groups and nuclear terrorists within the U.S.

The purpose of the U.S. Nuclear Data Program is to analyze remaining elements of radiation and substances after a nuclear explosion and the U.S. Administration aims to reveal suppliers of nukes by comparing data with other countries.
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