Yalu Fun, Unusual on a Normal Weekday

[imText1]Three North Korean ferries packed full of people caught the eye of Daily NK’s camera as they were travelling along the Yalu River between Dandong, China and Shinuiju on the 18th.

Due to fuel shortages, ferries only tend to operate on national holidays, so it was highly unusual to see no fewer than three ferries appear on the Yalu on a normal weekday.

Even Dandong citizens paused by the river to watch.

The operation of three ferries in this way means that either the fuel situation has taken a highly favorable turn, or a domestic event which the authorities didn’t report to the outside world occurred.

At the time, parachute training could also be seen at Shinuiju Airport, far from the river. The citizens of Dandong watched them falling for a while, too.


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