Tramline Cars Collide, 400 Students Injured

[imText1]The streetcars, which were carrying students to training for the Arirang performance, overturned and around 400 students were injured.

A source from Pyongyang said in a telephone conversation with the Daily NK on the 6th that “Four electric trains overturned in Sunkyo district in the direction of the Nakrang Bridge . Due to the accident, around 400 students who were on their way to a training session for the Arirang performance were injured, around sixty of them seriously.”

The source explained that “An electric train from the Cheongnyun (Youth) Street on the Nakrang Bridge was stopped by a sudden interruption of the electric current, and trains that were following ran into it and overturned. It was all because of a lack of electricity.”

The electric tramway in question is a beltway starting from Tosung-dong in the Nakrang district and ending at Moonsoo station on the other side of the May 1st Stadium, where the Arirang Performance is held. The second line of the Pyongyang tramway was blocked by the accident.

While three tramway trains consisting of two cars each were crossing the Nakrang Bridge, taking middle school students to Arirang training, the second train suddenly failed to stop and hit the rear of the train in front.

Due to this accident, the second car of the front train, the two passenger cars of the second train and the first car of the third train were all overturned over at the site.

On hearing of the accident, Pyongyang residents expressed that “Those young students trained for Arirang for a long time, it was tough, and now they won’t receive presents for taking part in it because they got in an accident right before the performance.”

The source added that “The accident was just caused by an interruption of the electricity supply but the People’s Safety Agency arrested the innocent drivers for creating trouble for national business (the Arirang Performance).”

Around three hundred tramway cars operating in Pyongyang were imported secondhand from the Czech Republic in 1990 and reportedly suffer countless troubles everyday.