“The Greatest Scam in History is Sunshine Policy” Hwang Jang Yop

[imText1]Hwang Jang Yop, President of North Korean Democratization Alliance claimed on the 6th, “The fact our society advocates the Sunshine Policy and shows little security or emotional response to the Kim regime that conducted a nuclear experiment, just goes to show that it was the greatest scam in history.”

On this day, as a guest speaker at a seminar sponsored by Youngmin (Well being for citizens) Forum (Chairman, Kwon Young Se), President Hwang said “The Sunshine Policy is no different to a collaboration assisting Kim Jong Il’s war strategies.”

Further President Hwang said “Kim Jong Il is proclaiming the united front as a tactic for federalism” and criticized “The ‘Sunshine Policy’ is the scam in which we are claiming mutuality with.”

He added “We must support the opposition (of the North Korea regime) rather than opposing the U.S. which is the essence of the Sunshine Policy. The basic steps required to ensure peace is to strengthen our country’s system, the U.S.-Korea alliance and foreign security. However, we are compromising with Kim Jong Il and safeguarding his regime.”

“The solution to the North Korean issue, focus on eradicating Kim Jong Il”

President Hwang urged “The solution to the North Korean issue is to focus on eradicating Kim Jong Il. Militaristic, economic and revolts within the country will not be useful in eliminating Kim Jong Il. Rather the alliance with China must be broken.”

In order for this to happen, he proposed ▲ Focusing on eradicating the Kim Jong Il regime ▲ A U.S.-China collaboration for the purpose of eradicating Kim Jong Il and ▲ A united Korean democratic force.

President Hwang asserted “North Korea cannot use nuclear weapons” and added “We should not be worrying about nuclear weapons but its support such as anti-U.S. influences and intimate North Korea ties.”

He said “One of Kim Jong Il’s aims of the nuke experiment was to increase the threat of war on South Korea. His purpose is to use peace leaders and people on the threat of war to advance anti-U.S. movements and intimate North Korea ties.”

Further he said “Though the nuclear experiment appears to have momentarily aided a united democratic force in South Korea, this is ultimately not the case” and claimed “Through the nuclear threat, their strategy is to create anti-U.S. influences and intimate North Korea ties within Korea to seize the government and proclaim federalism.”