South Suggests KIC Investment Expo

The South Korean government has proposed the establishment of an investment expo in a bid to facilitate the internationalization of the Kaesong Industrial Complex. 

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Unification announced yesterday, “It was put forward (at the fourth meeting of the joint North-South committee meeting) that the investment expo, previously postponed due to ongoing discussions over passage, communications and customs, occur at the end of January next year. The North agreed to continue discussions.”

Alleviating concerns that the recent execution of Jang Song Taek would have repercussions for operations at the complex, it was further stated that, “There is no noticeable difference in the negotiating atmosphere between North and South.”

Confirming these reports, today’s issue of the Rodong Sinmun read, “Both sides agreed to continue with future negotiations.”

Around 25 representatives from various countries were granted access to the complex yesterday to coincide with the inter-Korean meeting, marking the first time a group of foreigners has visited the site since the recommencement of operations last September 16th. 
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