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North Korea in 2012

2018-06-07 11:44
North Korea in 2012

Daily NK was at the forefront of reporting on North Korea in 2012, a time of change. The rise of a new leader in Kim Jong Eun raised hopes of change, and many keen observers from around the world looked to Daily NK for information.

What was achieved in the calendar year was done with the help of a great many sources inside North Korea and special correspondents based across the Sino-North Korean border in China. As is well known, however, there are not inconsiderable difficulties associated with this work. In particular, the North Korean government is extremely reluctant to allow any information to reach the outside world, meaning that caution and discretion are essential for anyone wishing to circumvent state controls. By diligently collecting and disseminating the voices of defectors and the North Korean people, Daily NK did that.

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