North Wrote to White House over The Interview

Following on from
filing a complaint with the UN at the end of June, it has emerged that the North Korean authorities also sent a letter of protest to the White
House over “The Interview”, a new comedy film about an attempt to kill Kim Jong Eun.

Citing diplomatic
sources, Voice of America reported on the 17th that the letter, which was sent
in the name of the National Defense Commission, asserted that the film constitutes an insult against the North Korean leader.

Requests for
confirmation from the White House National Security Council (NSC) were

In the first incident, North Korean Ambassador to the UN Ja Song Nam sent a letter on June
27th to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. In it, Ambassador Ja asserted that the
production and distribution of a movie about the assassination of a sitting
head of state represents flagrant terrorism.

Columbia Pictures produced
“The Interview,” which is slated for release this October. In it, 
comedians James Franco and Seth Rogen star as hapless TV
journalists who seek an interview with Kim Jong Eun, but find themselves recruited
by the CIA to assassinate him instead.

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