North Reacts Angrily to COI “Organizers”

North Korea strongly condemned the South Korean government and ruling Saenuri Party over the weekend, following last week’s UN resolution that saw a Commission of Inquiry (COI) established to investigate crimes against humanity in the country.

According to a March 24th comment by a spokesperson for North Korea’s Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland, “The U.S. and their South Chosun puppets should be well aware that this quarrel over human rights in our Republic [North Korea] is a challenge to our system and dignity that can never be accepted by our military and people.”

It continued, “Even though the puppet regime has been changed, not only are they continuing with their clamorous anti-Republic human rights strategy, they are even doing it more unscrupulously. We are paying special attention and feel great hostility toward that, and have the will to punish them mercilessly.”

“In particular, we will ruthlessly cut down the criminals, including the Saenuri Party gang, who were at the forefront of organizing this UN human rights resolution,” it went on to threaten.

On February 1st, Saenuri Party chair Hwang Woo Yea sent a letter to the 47 current member states of the UN Human Rights Council to urge them to establish a Commission of Inquiry (COI). Also, party lawmaker Ha Tae Kyung attended the UN Human Rights Council meeting on March 11th-13th at which the COI was agreed.