Lectures held near the 38th Parallel for locals and military family members have claimed that South Korea is waging biological warfare against North Korea, Daily NK has learned.  

On Apr. 2, sources in Kangwon Province reported that from mid-March lecturers at the meetings, which have been run under military auspices, have claimed that South Korea is purposefully spreading COVID-19 into the country. 

Specifically, the lecturers warned attendees that COVID-19 can be contracted just from touching leaflets, food, or even money (US dollars) that have crossed over the border into North Korea. Speakers warned attendees that they must never carry anything from South Korea home with them. 

“Lecturers have claimed that because South Korea is seeing a continued rise in infections and deaths due to COVID-19, they are trying to [shift attention away from that and] weaken our military readiness by conducting biological warfare against the country,” one source told Daily NK. 

In fact, North Korean state media has detailed the spread of COVID-19 in South Korea through all its major outlets. 

Following the mass outbreak at the Sinchonji Church in South Korea, North Korean state media took the opportunity to highlight the problems of religion. As infection cases in South Korea increased exponentially, media outlets in the country encouraged North Koreans to wear masks and improve personal hygiene. 

The lectures also warned the attendees that they would face severe punishment as political criminals if they secretly hold onto leaflets, food or even money from South Korea. 

Lecturers also encouraged attendees to adhere to disease control efforts by the state given that South Korea is “waging unpardonable atrocities” against North Korea using “traitors to the Korean race” and defectors. 

The lectures were reportedly held at various government agencies, factories and local offices of the Socialist Women’s Union of Korea in Kangwon Province. 

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, North Korean authorities have long claimed that touching South Korean leaflets or consuming food from South Korea can lead to death by poisoning, skin disease and other infections.

*Translated by Jason Bartlett

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