North Korea Fired Three Styx Missiles into the West Sea

North Korea fired several missiles into the West Sea at around 10:30 am on the 28th.

The launch came just one day after the North Korea ordered the expulsion of 11 South Korean managers from the South-North Exchange and Cooperation Office in the Kaesong Complex.

According to Yonhap News, a source in the South Korean government revealed that the North Korean regime “fired around three missiles that seemed to have been Surface to Surface missiles with a range of 46km into the West Sea. Military authorities are closely monitoring North Korea’s moves.”

“It looked like ordinary military training,” noted an affiliate. “We are planning to make an official statement this afternoon based on the facts gathered so far.”

From the morning of the 25th until the 26th, North Korea tried to fire Styx anti-ship missiles with a 46km range from a 150-ton missile boat anchored in the West Sea. The North ordered civilian ships to leave the area, but initially balked at the launch.

On the 28th, a spokesperson from the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs released an official statement declaring that “If the U.S. delays the resolution of the nuclear issue by saying that we have something we don’t have, it would seriously influence the denuclearization process, which has been moving forward thus far.”

The spokesman particularly emphasized that “the implementation of the October 3 Agreement of the Six Party Talks was also falling into a stalemate because of the U.S.’s attitude. The U.S. has not implemented its commitment related to the removal North Korea from the state sponsors of terrorism list and has unfairly requested a nuclear program declaration. The U.S. is making up obstacles to impede the resolution.”