North in Nationwide Quasi-State of War

The North Korean authorities have declared a quasi-state of war this morning, according to sources inside the country.

A North Hamkyung Province source reported in a hurried phone call at 9AM, “An order to enter a quasi-state of war came this morning; they said to be on alert and refrain from traveling unnecessarily.”

The existence of the order was subsequently confirmed with a source in North Pyongan Province, who said, “An order declaring a quasi-state of war from now until the 31st has been declared.”

The period roughly matches that of South Korea’s ‘Hoguk’ military exercises, which started yesterday and will continue until November 2nd. In addition, the declaration came shortly before South Korea was due to launch a rocket from its launch base in South Jeolla Province.

However, it is unclear at this stage whether North Korea’s decision to issue the declaration is related to either event.

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