No Change for January 8th 2013

[imText1]A newly released official 2013 calendar from North Korea does not cite January 8th as a national holiday. There is just one additional holiday for 2013, “Chosun Children’s Union Day” on June 6th.

Indeed, there is no record whatsoever related to Kim Jong Eun in the new calendar, which was recently obtained by Daily NK. As expected, the birthdays of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il are both marked in red under their official names; “Day of the Sun” and “Day of the Shining Star.” It is assumed that 2013 will see a further step up in idolization for Kim Jong Eun, and it was thought possible hat this could include the formalization of January 8th.

The birthdays of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il were made national holidays in 1974 and 1982 respectively, with the former occurring at the same time as Kim Jong Il completed the creation of the Chosun Workers’ Party’s so-called “Ten Principles for the Establishment of the One-Ideology System,” and the latter only two years after Kim Jong Il became a member of the Party Politburo.

However, it is unlikely that it would be deemed appropriate to formalize Kim Jong Eun’s birthday as a national holiday since he is still young and three years have yet to pass since the death of Kim Jong Il, despite the fact that he has already ascended to a role far above that reached by Kim Jong Il when his birthday was transformed.

“Kim Jong Il was already forty when his birthday was made a holiday for the first time,” a senior defector pointed out to Daily NK today. “Kim Jong Eun is only in his twenties so there is every chance that it was deemed premature to make that declaration.”

“Had Kim Jong Il been alive he could have ordered the creation of such a holiday, but that is not the case here,” the defector added.

Jeon Hyun Jun, a senior researcher with KINU in Seoul added, “It looks like they think Kim Jong Eun has not yet taken safe receipt of all his power. Once they think public opinion is more or less with him, then they will certainly declare a state holiday and promote it.”

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