NK Slams Unification Media Group

North Korea slammed the newly created broadcaster UMG [Unification Media Group] in its state-run
media on Tuesday, calling it an “anti-Republic clown show of provocation.”

The Party-run
publication Rodong Sinmun, published an article entitled, Never to
Shake up the Ideology and Beliefs of Soldiers and People of 10 Million, which alleged, The human
rights resolution is a fabrication of facts by the U.S. and the
South made up according to their desires,” before adding, [the Souths]
manipulative acts, such as the North Korean Human Rights Act and Unification
Media Group are a clown show of provocation against the Republic.”

On Monday, Pyongyang criticized UMG via its propaganda
website Uriminzokkiri, saying, “The manipulative existence of UMG is part of a
scheme to expand psychological warfare in North Korea and is yet another
provocation that cannot be forgiven.”

Referring to the movement to pass a North Korea-related human rights bill in the South Korean National Assembly, Rodong Sinmun said, “[the South] is running
amok trying to pass the bill by the end of this year whilst stirring up a huge
fuss about creating UMG by encouraging ultra-conservative groups.”

“There is no doubt that the main goal of it is to damage the
highest dignity and authority of our Republic and tear down our ideology,
system, and beliefs ingrained in the hearts of our 10 million people,” it went on.

“This indiscriminate anti-Republic ‘human rights’ and
psychological ploy is like throwing oil on fire and is hitting its peak,” it continued. “The attempt to tear down our solidarity that cannot be
shattered even with nuclear weapons with what is nothing more than a disgusting
ploy is a thickheaded act likened to kicking a boulder with your bare feet.”

“It’s a foolish and absurd delusion” that
“can never deter the steadfast belief and determination of our 10 million
people who will always follow the path of songun [military-first politics] and socialism.”

UMG is a consortium created by Radio Free Chosun [RFC] and
Open Radio for North Korea [ONK], shortwave radio stations targeting North
Korea; The Daily NK, an internet periodical reporting on all aspects of North
Korea; and OTV, an NGO-based internet television channel. It is the first ever
private unification broadcasting station for South and North Korea. 

UMG broadcasts are for all people on the Korean Peninsula; the group aims to
create a broadcasting station and foundation within the next five years
and work toward the goal of securing 1 million North Korean listeners to effect
change from within the country. 
North Korea’s continual criticism of the UMG appears to be an attempt to create conflict within the South.


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