‘Mother of Military-first Chosun’ Made Public

Today, Daily NK is finally able to unveil for the very first time the recently produced 85-minute North Korean propaganda documentary about Kim Jong Eun’s mother Koh Young Hee, ‘The Mother of Great Military-first Chosun’.

This documentary, which was produced in 2011 by an arm of the Chosun Workers’ Party Central Committee, was screened for senior Party cadre review in May, at which time it was leaked to a group based in Japan.

The film contains footage and photos of Koh Young Hee in the period following the 100-day mourning period for the death of Kim Il Sung in 1994. Throughout the 1990s, Koh accompanied Kim Jong Il as the de facto ‘first lady’ during his guidance visits to military, industrial and cultural sites.

The narration (unfortunately, no subtitles are available) propagates the idea that Koh, who died in Paris in 2004, represented a powerful continuance of a tradition established by Kang Ban Seok (Kim Il Sung’s mother) and Kim Jong Suk (Kim Jong Il’s mother). Forging her image as a ‘Great Mother’ of the nation is intended to strengthen Kim Jong Eun’s legitimacy as a great leader of pure Mt. Baekdu blood.

The film ends with the 2010 military parade for the 65th anniversary of the founding of the Chosun Workers’ Party, where Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Eun stood side-by-side; revealing, in case anyone was still in any doubt, that the ultimate purpose of the film is to idolize Kim Jong Eun himself.

The film is optimized for use with Internet Explorer.

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