Lee Seok Ki Lawyer Berates Solo Protestor

[imText1]Shim Jae Hwan, the lawyer for embattled Unified Progressive Party lawmaker Lee Seok Ki, who has been charged with conspiring to foment a rebellion in South Korea, reportedly made insulting remarks to a defector protesting outside of his office.

Lee Seok Young, the director of the defector-led Free North Korea Radio contacted Daily NK yesterday to report the incident. He revealed, “Around 11am on September 24th, Shim was approaching his office when he started speaking to a female defector who was there on a solo protest against him. He seriously insulted her, asking which organization she represented and how much she was getting per day for doing it.”

Lee continued, “Shim told her that he also defends murderers, and that he would file suit against her if she didn’t stop her protest. He also put fear into her by filming her.”

The defector reportedly continued her protest despite the conduct. Lee emphasized, “Defectors who have escaped the North Korean dictatorship to live in South Korea will continue to condemn anyone who shows support for Lee Seok Ki.”

Since September 23rd, Free North Korea Radio and a number of individual defectors have held demonstrations outside Shim’s office, nominally to get him to stop representing his high-profile client.

However, this is unlikely. Shim is the same lawyer who secured Lee’s release on parole on August 15th, 2003, after he had been arrested on charges of involvement with the underground National Democratic Revolutionary Party, or “Minhyukdang.” The underground pro-North Korea party maintained close ties with the North for much of the 1990s.

In 2004, Shim also negotiated a compensation payment for Lee after his name was leaked in a Defense Security Command report outlining arrests of spies over the previous five years.

Shim is the husband of Unified Progressive Party member, fellow lawyer and presidential candidate Lee Jung Hee.