North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, has ordered the creation of a series of literary works focused on the Pyongyang General Hospital project, Daily NK has learned. 

The works are expected to depict Kim Jong Un’s love for the people and the ideological fervor of Pyongyang General Hospital (PGH)’s construction workers, a source in the country told Daily NK on June 25.

“On June 20, comrade Kim Yo Jong instructed the Propaganda and Agitation Department to produce 75 volumes, including full-length and short novels and poetry collections, by the 75th anniversary of Party Foundation Day on Oct. 10,” the source said. 

“The April 15 Literature Writing Group, which is under the Korean Writers; Alliance, has been tasked with the writing, while the Munhak Yesul Chonghap Chulpansa will be responsible for printing and publishing,” he added. 

Specifically, Kim Yo Jong ordered the creation and publication of ordinary books that describe the Supreme Leader’s great love for the people and outstanding leadership in directing the construction of PGH, as well as the significance of the construction project. 

In her order, Kim stressed the importance of the role played by writers, stating that “workers in the literary arts must play their part in making Oct. 10 a great celebration of victory that will be remembered as another proud moment in the party’s history.”

She instructed that the written works should highlight the fact that soldiers and laborers working on the site have an “unwavering belief” in following the orders of the Supreme Leader and that they are employing “our own style [North Korean-style] construction methods and creative new ideas” to erect PGH even in the face of the “severe sanctions of the imperialists and their allied forces.”

According to the source, however, the literary works will be nothing more than “political propaganda” aimed at emphasizing that international efforts to isolate the regime can only be overcome by the Supreme Leader’s “outstanding leadership and love for the people.”

The purpose the works will be to define the PGH as an achievement of the leader of the people and educate them to remain loyal to the Supreme Leader until the very end,” the source added.

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