Kim Sweatshirt Popular Online

Image: Beloved Homepage Screen Grab

Comical t-shirts  featuring Kim Jong
Eun’s likeness, produced by Beloved, an American apparel company, have recently
garnered a great deal of attention online.

The most popular option of the 11 varieties
featuring the young leader’s face is the “Kim Jong Eun sweatshirt,” of which
only a limited number are produced, using a special sublimation technique to
provide a vivid graphic image throughout the shirt.

Comment threads related to the shirt are abuzz with a host of remarks and opinions, from describing the item as a
“must have for any foreigner traveling to South Korea,” to “the only shirt
that can keep you safe if you meet North Korean soldiers [as they would not be
able to shoot an image of the leader].” Others have expressed concerns, claiming that “wearing
this in South Korea might get you deported under spy suspicions” or that “North
Korean soldiers might target you for defaming their leader’s image.”

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