Kim Il Sung’s Image on Medals Changed

[imText1]The image of Kim Il Sung used on medals conferred by the state has been changed upon a June 20th decision of the Supreme People’s Assembly (SPA).

The news was revealed by Chosun Central News Agency today. As per the SPA decision, the former image of Kim wearing the Maoist ‘people’s uniform’ and sporting a stern expression is to be replaced by the ‘sun portrait’ of the North Korean founder in a suit and wearing a bright smile.

The ‘sun portrait’ was created immediately after Kim’s death in 1994 by artist Kim Seong Min for his funeral, and has appeared on a number of North Korea’s ubiquitous pin badges in recent years. Henceforth it will also appear on the Order of Kim Il Sung, Gold Medal of Kim Il Sung Prize, Medal of Kim Il Sung Youth Honor Prize and Badge of Kim Il Sung Children Honor Prize.

This was done, the SPA announcement revealed, as a “reflection of the unanimous will of all the party members, service members and other people to hold the President in high esteem as the sun of Juche for all ages and carry to completion his sacred revolutionary cause.”