Kim Emphasizes Readiness in the Good Times

“No matter how much the inter-Korean relationship may progress hereafter, our military will further enhance its readiness, remembering the ‘war and peace’ tactics that they [North Korea] showed us in the past,” South Korean Minister of National Defense Kim Kwan Jin asserted on the 15th.

Minister Kim, attending a policy seminar, went on to emphasize, “Recently, North Korea has been transiting to a state of dialogue, such as by expressing the will to resume tours of Mt. Geumgang and accepting our offer for reunions of separated families. However, this may be a ‘tactical attack’ to get out of its current difficult situation; international isolation and chronic financial difficulties, etc.”

“Domestic pro-North forces unfaithful to the Republic of Korea are publicly active here and there in society, as shown in a series of recent incidents,” he went on, referring to the ongoing conflict over left wing lawmaker Lee Seok Ki. “North Korea will connect with these pro-North elements to plan so-called ‘fourth generation warfare,’ meaning the creation of social unrest by methods such as terrorism, media and cyber warfare.”

Kim added, however, that the South Korean military has been training for this kind of next-generation warfare, notably during the 2013 joint military exercises Ulchi Freedom Guardian.