Kim Emphasizes Importance of Juche Farming

Kim Jong Eun has addressed heads of agricultural work teams via a two-page spread in Rodong Sinmun, declaring, “The imperialists do not want us to grow strong and prosperous, and while strengthening economic sanctions and pressure against us they are putting our people through food shortages.”

Therefore, Kim wrote in the piece published today, “Our nation is already a place of strong political ideals, and we have unmistakably attained the status of a strong military country. We only need to achieve self-sufficiency by farming well, and then no matter what the enemy does, socialism in our style will be strong and provide sufficient food for revolutionary construction.”

Moreover, “The Juche agricultural method, created by the Great Suryeong [Kim Il Sung], is our noble legacy. Our farming laborers have been raised as the trusted custodians on the agricultural front line of socialism under Juche and Military-first ideals.”

The piece decreed that heads of agricultural teams, as befitting their role and responsibilities, must now realize agricultural reform in the North Korean style. “Equalized distribution is unrelated to the principles of distribution under socialism and is detrimental in that it diminishes the will to produce,” it continued.   
“The heads of the work units must accurately assess workers’ efforts according to the labor output and quality at the appropriate time.” Furthermore, “They must be the active supporters, defenders and vessels of our Party’s agricultural policy and Juche agricultural method.”

It is believed these latest overtures reflect Kim Jong Eun’s desire to improve the economy by encouraging the development of the agricultural sector, part of planning for the year as outlined in the New Year’s Address.  
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