Hwang Sees No Chance of Collapse

Hwang Jang Yop, the President of the Committee for Democratization of North Korea believes that there is no chance of North Korea collapsing in the short term, according to reports carried by the Japanese media.

Newspapers report that Hwang, who is on his first trip to Japan since his defection in 1997, revealed his belief in a lecture for Japanese administration officials and families of persons abducted by North Korea yesterday in Tokyo.

On the possibility of a coup by the leaders of the North Korean military, he asserted, “Although the military may be harboring complaints [against the Kim regime], they will not be able to launch a coup due to their completely brainwashed mindsets.”

Additionally, he said, “Since the influence of Kim Il Sung sits deep in North Korean society, there will not be any chaos after Kim Jong Il’s death.”

“Kim’s sister, Kim Kyung Hee, and her husband Jang Sung Taek will back the successor.”

On the 31st of last month at a seminar held by the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington D.C., Hwang told listeners, “It is an unrealistic analysis to suggest that an emergency situation will occur. As long as China continues to support the North, it will not happen.”

Earlier in his trip, Hwang also met with Japanese abductees’ families and Nakai Hiroshi, the Japanese minister covering the abductions issue.

In the meeting, Hwang stated, “I administered the theory of the Party for almost 40 years; I am not really aware of other issues. However, I feel responsibility (for the Japanese abduction issue).”

He added that on the abductions issue, “Cooperation is a duty and a moral obligation.” Regarding the Japanese abductees whom North Korea claims are dead, Hwang put forward another theory, “They can’t return to Japan due to an important secret mission which could reveal the true colors of Kim Jong Il.”

In addition, while acknowledging the importance of the abductions to Japanese society, Hwang also urged Japan to have a voice on the humanitarian catastrophe taking place in North Korea more generally.

“Aside from the abduction issue,” Hwang emphasized, “the focus should be on the anti-democracy (of Kim Jong Il), to threaten North Korea and pressure Kim Jong Il.”