Final Lists of Family Members Exchanged

North and South Korea have exchanged lists of separated family members in preparation for the upcoming reunions scheduled to occur on September 25-30 at Mt. Geumgang. The lists were exchanged via the Panmunjom line.

Separated family members in both Koreas who registered to take part in the reunions gave the names and addresses of their lost family members. The Red Cross has determined if their relatives are still alive, and whether they wish to take part.

Making the matching process more difficult is the absence of computerized records in the North. It is especially difficult to confirm the fate of relatives in cases where names have been changed, or a familial relationship has been omitted from the application form. In previous reunions, the North has been “unable to confirm” the whereabouts of many long-lost family members.

The final 100 candidates were to have been selected by the end of the day.

In the case that over 100 applicants from the South are matched, finalists will be selected through an automated lottery.