Deafening Silence on 7th Round of Talks

North Korea still has not responded to South Korea’s proposal for “final talks” on the future of the Kaesong Industrial Complex, two days after it was issued by Minister of Unification Ryoo Kihl Jae.

The Ministry of Unification revealed on the 30th, “The South-North Panmunjom Liaison Officer called [North Korea] at 9:00AM this morning to report the start of business; however, there was no response from the North side to our talks proposal from the previous day.”

Minster Ryoo issued the proposal for a seventh round of inter-Korean talks in a statement on the 28th, saying, “I will propose talks to North Korea tomorrow via the Panmunjom channel.”

He went on to voice the hope that North Korea would offer a clear answer on the key issue of recurrence prevention policy, but noted, “If this is not the case, then the government will inevitably have to take a huge decision in order to avoid even greater psychological and material harm to our companies.”

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