China Ups Security On Northern Border

China is boosting security in its shared border regions with North Korea, one of Daily NK’s sources has revealed.

The China-based source reported on the 12th that, “Armed police were assigned to border posts on the Chinese side when Jang Sung Taek’s purge was made public.  No other unusual movements have been detected, but the soldiers are guarding more intensely than ever before.”

Chinese authorities are concerned problems may emerge amongst the illegal defector population, the source explained. 

However, “China strengthens its border security every time there is a political problem in Chosun (North Korea).  This time will not be an exception.”

On the rumor that around 200 to 300 North Korean soldiers crossed the border and murdered Chinese civilians, the source commented, “A report came out on the 7th of this month that a defector from Chosun murdered someone in the city of Jilin. A great number of police were dispatched to catch the culprit.”

Moreover, “The defector who committeed the crime was not a soldier but an ordinary citizen who had been in China for quite some time.  He broke into the home of an elderly couple and killed them, and security police were sent to the cities of Jilin, Changchun, Baishan, Hunchu and Changbai to find him.”

“If even one Chosun soldier had crossed the border into China, the authorities would have implemented strong measures like inspections by armed guards at bus terminals and train stations all over the Northeast. But there is nothing now occurring out of the ordinary,” the source clarified.

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