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February 25, 2020

Sino-North Korean Border

News from our sources concerning the border between North Korea and China.

china factory confined

N. Korean workers confined to dormitories in China

North Korean workers at factories and restaurants in China have become confined to their dormitories as the Chinese government continues to fight the Wuhan...
Soldiers in Sinuiju, North Pyongan Province masks

N. Korean military smuggles in S. Korean face masks

A trading company affiliated with the Ministry of People's Armed Forces, the military's main logistics agency, recently smuggled in large amounts of health masks...
special patrols coronavirus outbreak

N. Korea tightens border to prevent coronavirus outbreak

As the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak continues to worsen in China, North Korea has reportedly ordered military units guarding the 1,400 kilometer-long Sino-North Korean border...
border patrol

N. Korea cracks down on corruption in border patrol

North Korea recently launched a crackdown on illegal activities perpetrated by border guards and security officials on the Sino-North Korean border, Daily NK has...
female defectors female migrants

China is tightening control over N. Korean female migrants

Chinese authorities have ordered local security forces in areas bordering North Korea to standardize the investigation and treatment of female North Korean migrants in...
special patrols coronavirus outbreak

N. Korea deploys special patrols to Sino-North Korean border

The Ministry of State Security (MSS), North Korea’s feared security agency, has deployed special patrols on the Sino-North Korean border to control the flow...
special patrols coronavirus outbreak

4 killed by N. Korean border guards while crossing Yalu River

North Korean border guards fired on a group of five North Koreans fleeing over the Yalu River into China in early September, killing four,...
Human trafficking

Human trafficking increases on Sino-DPRK border 

Human trafficking of North Korean defector women has been rising recently, with victims being sold to businesses running room salons, video chat websites and...
border patrol

North Korean border security in crisis following desertion of border guard 

A North Korean border unit has sounded the alarm after one of its guards deserted his post. Although a major search is being conducted...
Barbed wire along the Sino-North Korea border.

North Korea’s Ryanggang Province deemed to have the most “illegal border crossers” 

Lectures were recently held for local residents in Ryanggang Province after the central government authorities announced that the province had the most “illegal border...

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