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September 27, 2020
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N. Korea sets up “strict security zones” on Sino-North Korean border

North Korea’s Ministry of Social Security recently ordered that locals living in the Sino-North Korean border region refrain from “engaging in actions that disrupt”...
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Two more N. Koreans crossed border into Samjiyon on Aug. 20

Two North Korean women crossed over the Sino-North Korean border into Samjiyon, Yanggang Province, on Aug. 20, and rumors that one of the women...
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Samjiyon and Hyesan locked down after woman crosses border

North Korea has completely locked down the cities of Samjiyon and Hyesan in Yanggang Province after a North Korean woman who had been living...

N. Korea orders suspension of all trade across Sino-North Korean border

North Korean authorities recently ordered the suspension of all trade across the Sino-North Korean border from Aug. 25 as a measure to ensure events...

N. Korean patrol boat fires on Chinese fishing boats, killing three

A North Korean patrol boat recently fired live rounds at a Chinese boat illegally fishing in North Korean waters, leading to multiple deaths, Daily...
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Troops from N. Korea’s 7th Corps deployed to secure border with China

The majority of Storm Corps troops stationed near the border in Yanggang Province were recently relocated to North Hamgyong Province while 7th Corps troops...
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“Backstreet Rookie” has plenty of fans in North Korea

"Backstreet Rookie," the South Korean comedy romance that depicts the story between the hunky owner of a 24-hour convenience store and an oddball part-timer,...
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Angry over bribe demands, Chinese fishing boats ram N. Korean patrol boat

Angry over demands for bribes by North Korean patrols, several Chinese fishing boats intentionally rammed into a North Korean patrol boat near Sinuiju in...
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Large number of Storm Corps troops sent to Sino-North Korean border

North Korea has dispatched around 3,000 members of an elite military force named the "Storm Corps" to some parts of the Sino-North Korean border,...

N. Korea installs new fencing on Sino-North Korean border

Daily NK has obtained video footage showing North Korean soldiers putting up new fencing near Hyesan recently amid the country’s efforts to strengthen control...

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