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December 4, 2020
mobile troops

N. Korean authorities transfer border patrol regiment out of Hyesan

The aftermath of the “Hyesan Incident” is having a major impact on the border patrol deployed in the city, along with the city's residents....
chagang food shortages signs

N. Korea locks down entirety of Chagang Province due to COVID-19 scare

All of Chagang Province has reportedly been put under lockdown just five days after the province’s Wiwon County was put under lockdown due to...
North Korean soldiers in Sakju County, North Pyongan Province covid-19

N. Korea locks down county in Chagang Province due to COVID-19 scare

A lockdown order has reportedly been issued in Wiwon County, Chagang Province, after several deaths of individuals displaying symptoms of COVID-19. With deaths occurring...
mobile money donju

N. Korea continues crackdown on use of Chinese-made mobile phones

Amid the regime's efforts to block the flow of information into and from the country, North Korean authorities recently held lectures in Yanggang Province...
Freight train in Pyongyang

N. Korea and China move away from plans to restart international train service

North Korea and China have recently moved away from plans to restart international train service between the two countries, Daily NK has learned. Daily NK...

Many N. Korean restaurants in Dandong recently began “normal operations”

North Korean restaurants in Dandong, China, have recently begun operating as normal after having been closed for months due to COVID-19, Daily NK has...
elite military unit storm corps border landmine

Storm Corps trooper killed in landmine explosion on border with China

A member of North Korea’s Storm Corps was reportedly killed recently in a landmine explosion along the Sino-North Korean border in Yanggang Province. According to...
hyesan office storm corps

Around 2,000 Storm Corps troops deployed to Hyesan to enforce lockdown

Daily NK has learned that an additional 2,000 troops of the so-called Storm Corps have been deployed to the city of Hyesan, Yanggang Province,...
remittance ryanggang province border agreement equipment

N. Korean officials try to talk people out of selling information for money

Daily NK has learned that North Korean authorities held "emergency" lectures in mid-October for people living along the Chinese border about preventing the "leakage...
elite military unit storm corps border landmine

N. Korea locks down areas of border after Storm Corps trooper kills superior

A soldier with the “Storm Corps” deserted his post after shooting a superior to death, leading authorities in the region to lockdown several areas...

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