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August 4, 2020

N. Korean tests positive for COVID-19 in China

A North Korean who attempted to defect to China tested positive for COVID-19 and is currently under quarantine at a Chinese hospital, Daily NK...
virtual meeting

N. Korean officials use virtual meetings to monitor COVID-19 situation

North Korea’s disease control authorities have been monitoring the COVID-19 situation throughout the country through virtual meetings with provincial officials on a daily basis,...
military hospital

Four N. Korean military hospital doctors die from symptoms similar to COVID-19

Three military doctors and one civilian doctor recently died at a North Korean military hospital after suffering from symptoms similar to those caused by...
disease control kimchi

Sources: N. Korea suggests kimchi to prevent COVID-19

North Korean authorities are spreading medically unproven information throughout the country as part of efforts to combat the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Daily NK has...
Rason Market in North Hamgyong Province coronavirus

N. Koreans becoming more lax about coronavirus restrictions

North Koreans in the border region are becoming more lax about disease control measures after two months of heavy state emphasis on preventing the...

N. Korea pursues anti-corruption crusade amid COVID-19 fears

Even as the country devotes its efforts to dealing with the coronavirus outbreak, North Korea’s leadership is still conducting an anti-corruption campaign. Most recently,...
hyesan homeless

Photos from Hyesan reveal the impact of disease control efforts

Two months have passed since North Korea shut down its borders to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) into the country from...
smuggling activities

N. Korea’s state-run smuggling activities continue despite coronavirus

With the COVID-19 pandemic showing no signs of abating, North Korea has intensified its disease control measures, especially for individuals engaging in state-sponsored smuggling...
chongori visit

Eleven Chongori prisoners die after suffering from respiratory issues

Eleven prisoners at the Chongori Prison in North Hamgyong Province have reportedly died after suffering from respiratory issues, Daily NK has learned.  “The prisoners had...

Disease control efforts are impacting compost production, sources

Daily NK sources have reported that North Korea’s efforts aimed at combating the spread of COVID-19 have begun to impact compost production this year.  North...

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