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September 20, 2019
A tractor on a farm in North Korea

Farmer facing six months in labor camp for theft

A farmer in Paekam County, Ryanggang Province, has been sentenced to six months of forced labor after stealing unripened potatoes and barley, Daily NK...
Human trafficking

Human trafficking increases on Sino-DPRK border 

Human trafficking of North Korean defector women has been rising recently, with victims being sold to businesses running room salons, video chat websites and...
Freight train in Pyongyang

Falling glass panel kills two, injures one

A large glass panel fell on three workers as they were loading it onto a railway car in Nampo earlier this month, killing two...
North Korean medicine

South Korean medical devices favored over the competition

North Koreans are increasingly purchasing South Korean-made household medical devices, despite the fact they can cost up to 10 times more than Chinese-made devices,...

Daily NK snapshots from North Korea

Vessels with luxury goods slip through sanctions' loopholes (Jang Seul Gi) Despite international sanctions against North Korea, the country's elites have been able to exploit...

North Korea orders “simple” Chuseok celebrations

North Koreans are celebrating Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) modestly this year due to continued economic difficulties and an order by the authorities to “celebrate the...
Pine Nuts

Teenager fights pine nut farm guards, killing one 

After entering a pine nut farm illegally, a teenager in Ryanggang Province defended himself from the farm’s guards with a knife, causing one fatality...
Gas Station

New gas stations putting private sellers out of business 

At least four state-owned gas stations are operating in the Ryanggang Province city of Hyesan and two additional stations are set to open soon,...
Typhoon Lingling

Typhoon Lingling ravages North Korea’s breadbasket

North Korea's Korean Central News Agency reported on Sunday that Typhoon Lingling caused five deaths and submerged farmland throughout the country. The news agency...
Kim Il Sung

Daily NK snapshots from North Korea

Family disappears after child takes scissors to Kim portraits  The Daily NK learned belatedly that at the end of July an entire family from Chongjin,...

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