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November 21, 2019
Wonsan park north korean police

MPS officers extract bribes to fund their day of honor

Ministry of People’s Security (MPS) officers have doubled down on efforts to extract bribes from ordinary North Koreans as the “Day of Security” (Nov....
North Korean vessel

Daily NK snapshots from North Korea

Daily NK snapshots are summaries of select articles from our Korean website. Snapshots are written by our staff and are aimed at putting even...
kim jong un horse

Kim Jong Un prods N. Korean military to prepare for war during winter drills

In mid-October, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un delivered an address to the North Korean army ordering his soldiers to “concentrate all efforts on...
North Korean soldier

North Korea conducts anti-aircraft defense drills

Amidst strong condemnations of US-South Korean air force drills, North Korea recently held anti-aircraft defense drills among the civilian population and in the military,...
North Korean military

Parents of dead N. Korean soldier barred from viewing remains

The parents of a soldier, who died at the Samsok District training camp in Pyongyang, were denied access to his remains. Instead, they only...
Samjiyon construction site

Samjiyon work brigade laborer dies while stealing corn

A work brigade member died in Samjiyon County, the site of a massive state-led modernization project. Sources reported to Daily NK on Nov. 6...
grave site rural area north korea

N. Korean officials anger locals after demolishing graveyard

North Korean authorities recently demolished a graveyard during the construction of a new hydroelectric power plant in the Tokchon region of South Pyongan Province....
North Korean fishing vessel

Family of four nabbed while fleeing North Korea by boat

A family of four was arrested off the coast of Hongwon County in South Hamggyong Province while attempting to flee North Korea in a...
Cars in North Pyongan Province

N. Korean thieves targeting car parts sentenced to 14 years

Four thieves who allegedly stole and sold car parts were recently sentenced to 14 years hard labor, highlighting North Korea's efforts to combat a...
Border patrol point Ryanggang Province

4 killed by N. Korean border guards while crossing Yalu River

North Korean border guards fired on a group of five North Koreans fleeing over the Yalu River into China in early September, killing four,...

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