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December 12, 2019
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"Jangmadang" literally refers to North Korea's local markets, which began proliferating in the country during and after the Arduous March in the mid-1990s. Originally considered "black markets," jangmadang are now state-sanctioned and have become a key part of North Korean life. Many ordinary North Koreans rely on these markets to purchase daily necessities, including food. Articles in Daily NK's Jangmadang section strive to provide an in-depth look into what life is like for the around 25 million North Koreans living in the country. Using sources inside North Korea, Daily NK also collects market prices of key commodities including rice and gasoline and posts them in this section.

Residents grapple with ‘barley hump’

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Residents head to markets for monsoon gear

It’s time for another round of "Market Trends," bringing you weekly updates on the North Korean economy. Monsoon season has hit the Korean Peninsula,...

North Koreans prepare for the new year by planning purchases and making resolutions

Unification Media Group (UMG): Although it seems like just yesterday that we were all making our New Year's resolutions for 2017, December is upon...

North Korea Market Prices Update: September 4, 2018

All prices shown in KPW and current as of September 4, 2018. Data: Daily NK

Laundry powder prices up as autumn approaches

Children play as women wash laundry at the Amnok (Yalu) River. Image: Daily NKUnification Media Group (UMG): Laundry powder and toilet paper are popular...

North Korea Market Prices Update: July 9, 2019

All prices shown in KPW and current as of July 9, 2019. Data: Daily NK

North Korea market prices update: May 15, 2018

All prices in KPW and current as of May 15, 2018. Data: Daily NK

South Korean holiday foods appear in the North

This is “NK Market Trends,” bringing you weekly updates on the North Korean economy. This week we sat down with reporter Kang Mi Jin to discuss...

North Koreans struggle on farms and in markets amid unrelenting heat wave

Unification Media Group (UMG): We’re back for another rundown of the latest news and market trends from North Korea. Kang Mi Jin (Kang): North Korea...
North Korea solar panels

Solar panels are changing N. Korea’s traditional wedding gifts

North Koreans increasingly use solar energy powered household appliances in their homes. Presenting brides with electric rice cookers, kettles or microwaves as wedding gifts...

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