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December 13, 2019
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"Jangmadang" literally refers to North Korea's local markets, which began proliferating in the country during and after the Arduous March in the mid-1990s. Originally considered "black markets," jangmadang are now state-sanctioned and have become a key part of North Korean life. Many ordinary North Koreans rely on these markets to purchase daily necessities, including food. Articles in Daily NK's Jangmadang section strive to provide an in-depth look into what life is like for the around 25 million North Koreans living in the country. Using sources inside North Korea, Daily NK also collects market prices of key commodities including rice and gasoline and posts them in this section.

KRW 50,000

South Korean 50,000 won bills all the rage in North Korea

An urban legend that claims owning a South Korean 50,000 bill will bring wealth has recently started circulating in North Korea. There are now...
Kim Jong Un visit to Samjiyon

N. Korean factories ramp up production to meet year-end quotas

North Korea is pressuring factories that manufacture supplies for major construction sites to quickly meet their year-end production quotas, Daily NK has learned.  “The government...

North Korea Market Prices Update: November 1, 2019

All prices are in KPW and current as of November 1, 2019. Data: Daily NK

Road management workforce increased in Ryanggang Province

The Kim Jong Un regime’s emphasis on all its citizens taking part in “national land management” has led to an increase in the number...

Pre-made kimchi is replacing home-made kimchi in North Korea

The spread of pre-made kimchi at local markets has led some North Korean families to make less kimchi than normal this year, Daily NK...
youth recreational facility

Equality gap persists in North Korean recreational facilities

Recreational facilities for officials at powerful institutions are better supplied than similar facilities for ordinary North Koreans, demonstrating that high-ranking party officials continue to...
Pyongyang 2410

Smartphones continue to change North Korean society

Smartphones are driving major shifts in North Korean lifestyles, Daily NK sources recently reported.  “The mobile phone is single-handedly changing our lifestyles,” a Pyongyang-based source...

North Korea Market Prices Update: October 14, 2019

All prices shown in KPW and current as of October 14, 2019.  Data: Daily NK
Hanbok marriage

North Koreans throw increasingly lavish wedding celebrations

With the growth of the market economy and the middle class in North Korea, wedding expenses have risen dramatically in a short period of...
Pyongyang Woman Clutchbag

Luxury bags slip by UN sanctions, adding to economic disparities

North Korea’s economy is stagnating, but the country’s elite continue to flamboyantly display their wealth and merchants selling luxury items to the elite are ceaselessly targeting...

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