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August 20, 2019
A large number of laborers are working in this building, under construction in Ussuriysk, Russia. Image = Daily NK source

North Korean laborers reach Russian construction sites despite sanctions

  Although the US formally requested the submission of interim reports on the repatriation of North Korean laborers working abroad to UN member nations, sources...
Drinking water produced at a factory near North Korea’s Ryongak Mountain. Image = Uriminzokkiri homepage

Pyongyangites falling ill from drinking dirty tap water

Some residents of North Korea’s capital city of Pyongyang are suffering because of dirty water being supplied to their homes. “The water pipes are so...
Phase two at the Samjiyon Construction Site.

North Korea’s Hyesan-Samjiyon Railroad plagued with poor conditions, accidents 

Accidents continue to plague a new railroad connecting Ryanggang Province’s cities of Hyesan and Samjiyon. Although the Hyesan-Samjiyon Railroad Line was built due to...
Household near the Chinese border in North Hamgyong Province

North Korea shows leniency toward veteran convicted for murder, theft

A North Korean veteran has been sentenced to ten years in a correctional labor camp in a public trial for murdering a woman in...
North Korea's latest smartphone, the Pyongyang 2425

Students from prestigious university in North Korea on trial for money-making scheme

Students from a well-known university in Pyongyang who were importing Chinese smartphones were recently arrested and put on trial, Daily NK sources report. North Koreans...
CCTV camera in Jilin Province on the China-North Korea border

China intensifies security along Sino-North Korean border

Chinese security officials are stepping up efforts to combat smuggling and illegal migration in the Sino-North Korean border region. Closed-circuit television cameras and electrified...
North Korean soldiers in Sakju County, North Pyongan Province

North Korean border guards steal food from house in China

  Two soldiers from North Korea’s border patrol were arrested for stealing food from a house in China earlier this month. “Two border guards in the...
Male North Korean resident pushing a stroller in Pyongyang

Private childcare services on the rise in North Korea

Private childcare facilities in North Korea for working parents are on the rise, a North Korean source recently reported. North Korean women are increasingly...
Samjiyon construction area

North Korean merchants punished for doing business near major construction site

As North Korea continues its massive modernization efforts in Samjiyon County, Daily NK sources say that local merchants are being targeted in public criticism...
Satellite imagery of Pyongyang's Pyongchon District. Smoke plumes emanating from the Pyongyang Thermal Power Station are visible

Poor air quality continues to plague Pyongyang

  Pyongyang’s central district, which is home to the country’s senior officials, professors and other members of the elite, is reportedly suffering from severe environmental...

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