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June 27, 2019
Mass games in Pyongyang

Kim Jong Un criticized mass games for being derivative

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has severely criticized a mass domestic gymnastics show performance called “The Land of the People” for not being...
Sinuiju residences under construction

North Korean authorities plan to evict 100,000 Sinuiju residents

Following an order from Kim Jong Un in November 2018 to modernize Sinuiju, the city has seen a rise in apartment construction projects. Sources...
Guard post on Sino-North Korea border

Defection attempts lead to ten fatalities in one night

Ten North Koreans from Ryanggang Province died while trying to defect from the country, including the son of a deputy director of the Taehongdan...
Ryongmyong Street

Electricity shortages continue due to dilapidated infrastructure

The major districts and factories of Pyongyang are continually being supplied with electricity, despite less electricity being available for other areas of the city....

North Korea Market Prices Update: June 11, 2019

All prices shown in KPW and current as of June 11, 2019. Data: Daily NK
Guard post on Sino-North Korea border

Defector brokers released after bribing North Korean officials

Three North Koreans working as brokers for defectors were arrested on charges of human trafficking by North Korean officials in the Sino-North Korean border...
Popular media players for watching foreign content in North Korea (left, notel; right, mp4 player

North Korea bans sharing of private video content

The North Korean authorities intend to punish residents caught sharing personal videos recorded on cell phone cameras and camcorders, according to sources inside the...
Rason Market in North Hamgyong Province

North Koreans avoiding pork as ASF rumors spread

The North Korean authorities have yet to officially announce the outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF) in the country, but many North Koreans are...
A North Korean resident in Onsong County, North Hamgyong Province draws water from the frozen river in March 2019

Ministry of State Security vice-director takes matters into own hands with public lecture

North Korea’s Ministry of State Security (MSS) is tightening control over the Sino-North Korean border region following an order by the central government to...
Medications sold in North Korean markets

North Korean authorities crack down on medicinal drugs

The North Korean authorities are cracking down on the sale of medicinal drugs between individuals in the city of Sinuiju, sources in the region...

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