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April 25, 2019
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Kim Jong Un during a visit to the Samjiyon construction site in early April

North Korean shock brigade workers face horrific conditions at Samjiyon site

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visited the Samjiyon construction site earlier this month in his first known visit to the area since the...

North Korea Market Prices Update: April 16, 2019

All prices shown in KPW and current as of April 16, 2019. Data: Daily NK
Patrol car in Dandong, China

North Korean arrest team sent to China to capture high-level defector

A high-level Ministry of State Security (MSS) official defected with his family in mid-March and the incident has led the North Korean authorities to...
North Korean soldiers on a boat in Sinuiju, North Pyongan Province

Former soldier lashes out at debt collector in North Korea

A former company commander from a military unit in Pyongyang attacked a debt collector with an ax after falling into significant debt following his...
A North Korean border guard in North Pyongan Province (taken in February 2019).

12th Corps on Sino-North Korean border still facing appalling conditions

The Korean People’s Army 12th Corps stationed on the Sino-North Korean border, a unit reportedly established by the Kim Jong Un regime, is still...

North Korean authorities crack down on DVDs showing South Korean performance in Pyongyang

As inter-Korean relations face an uncertain future following the breakdown in US-North Korea negotiations in Hanoi, the North Korean authorities are intensifying crackdowns on...
North Korean textbooks

Parents fork out for school supplies for new semester

In advance of the new school year earlier this month, North Korean parents opened their wallets to buy their children quality school supplies and...

Views on Hanoi Summit continue to be mixed among North Koreans

Over a month has passed since the US-North Korean summit was held in Hanoi and despite Kim Jong Un’s return “empty-handed” there have been...
Kim Jong Un during a site visit to Sunchon Chemical Complex

Factories in South Pyongan Province beef up security

Major factories in South Pyongan Province are either creating new “Defense Security Battalions” or beefing up existing battalions. Defense security battalions, officially referred to as...

Massive increase in solar panel use in North Korea

A major indicator of the economic level enjoyed by North Korean families is the capacity of the solar panels they have installed in their...

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