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September 24, 2020

N. Korea claims US and S. Korea spreading COVID-19 in the country

North Korean authorities are disseminating the idea that the US and South Korea are purposely spreading COVID-19 into North Korea, a source in South...
Kim Jong Un at the fourth plenary session (plenum) of the 7th Term Workers’ Party of Korea [WPK] Central Committee [CC] held on April 10, 2019 constitution citizenship

What we know – and what we don’t – about Kim Jong Un’s absence

Rumors regarding the health of Kim Jong Un began following his absence from the “Day of the Sun,” a national holiday commemorating the birth...
china factory confined workers china return

N. Korea orders workers in China to stay until end of the year

North Korea recently ordered its workers in China to stay in the country until at least the end of this year, Daily NK has...
North Koreans sell goods on the street in the North Korea-China border region

N. Korean authorities refrain from squashing KJU death rumors

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's prolonged absence from the public has fueled rapidly spreading rumors about his death among North Koreans in the...
Kim Jong Un temporarily deport bureau 11 directives cardiovascular procedure economic development strategy technical shakeup

N. Korea issues first KJU-signed directive after two week hiatus

North Korea broke a two-week hiatus in releasing directives personally signed by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un yesterday, Daily NK has learned.  In normal...
Street market in Hyesan, Ryanggang Province rice sellers

Ryanggang Province witnesses price spikes

Amid recent news of panic buying and a surge in prices of imported goods in Pyongyang, price hikes have occurred outside of the North...
special patrols coronavirus outbreak smuggler mobile phones strict smuggler border

N. Korean smuggler faces punishment after dash across border

A North Korean who smuggled in cooking oil from China was arrested and is now under quarantine at a medical center in Ryanggang Province,...
cadres kim jong un

Pyongyang’s cadres worried about Kim Jong Un’s health

North Korean government and party officials in Pyongyang are concerned that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un may be suffering from health problems, Daily...

North Korea’s OGD probes corruption at cadre training schools

The North Korean Central Committee's Organization and Guidance Department (OGD) recently began a corruption probe of cadre training schools in areas outside of Pyongyang,...
North Korean soldiers in Saju County, North Pyongan Province arrested probe

N. Korean probe into military uncovers vast levels of corruption

North Korean authorities recently began a large-scale probe into corruption in the military and have found considerable evidence of misconduct, even among some of...

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