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July 7, 2020
kim il sung university college entrance exams schools students again

N. Korea closes schools throughout the country for one month

North Korea made the decision to close all of its schools for one month starting Feb. 20, in a surprise move that comes after...
market prices

N. Korean state orchestrates lower prices for soybean oil, sugar

State interventions in the market has led to price drops for some commodities in North Korea's local markets, while other commodity prices remain higher...
kim jong un trade ban

China rejects N. Korean request to restart trade across border

The Chinese government recently rejected a North Korean request to restart trade across the two country's border by Feb. 15, Daily NK has learned. The...
North Korean soldier

N. Korea uses military law to punish smuggling on border

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un recently ordered that smuggling in the border areas as well as the abetting or concealing of such activities...
sinuiju covid-19 kilju county documents diseases

Sinuiju is failing to prevent COVID-19 outbreak, sources

North Korea's efforts at disease control to prevent an outbreak of COVID-19 have been rudimentary at best, Daily NK sources have reported. North Korean disease...

Sources: Pyongyangite dies after suffering from high fever

A North Korean suffering from a high fever died in Pyongyang on Feb. 15, leading the Pyongyang Party Committee to immediately call an emergency...
North Koreans farming in North Hamgyong Province in early June 2019 ban loans farms fertilizer

N. Korean farms failing to repay loans face backlash from creditors

Collective farm work units in North Hamgyong Province are being hounded by creditors after failing to pay back loans they used to buy needed...
hospital task forces

Ryanggang Province forms local task forces to combat COVID-19

North Korean authorities in Ryanggang Province are organizing task forces in the province's small and medium-sized cities and in rural areas to help prevent...
loyalty informant illegal border

N. Korea’s security agency executes China-based informant

A North Korean informant in China was recently recalled by the Ministry of State Security (MSS) and executed in early February, Daily NK sources...

Kim Jong Un orders special meal for soldiers at Okryu-gwan

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has ordered Pyongyang’s Okryu-gwan restaurant to serve breakfast to soldiers on the morning of Kim Jong Il’s birthday...

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