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December 4, 2021

Analysis & Opinion

The latest analysis and opinion on North Korea by Daily NK staff and contributors.

Is the Purpose for North Korean Defection “Well-Being”

Our society has become more interested in North Koreans recently. Perhaps for this reason, the recent academic lectures and seminars regarding North Korean defectors...

Yeomyung School Encourages Enrollment of New Incoming Students

Yeomyung School, a Christian school for North Korean youth, is looking for new students for the year 2005. Yeomyung School is an alternative school...

Protests against ‘Cellular Phones Communication in North Korea’

One of the major broadcasters in South Korea, SBS's 8pm news broadcasted, 'Secret communication with family members in North Korea through cellular phones' is...

NKnet Urges for Rev. Kim Dong Sik’s Repatriation

On January 6, Network for North Korean Democracy and Human Rights(NKnet) gave a statement that urged for the Government’s explanation on its assertion of...

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