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February 24, 2020

Analysis & Opinion

The latest analysis and opinion on North Korea by Daily NK staff and contributors.

kim kyong hui

Kim Kyong Hui and Kim Jong Un’s tottering hold on power

On Jan. 25, Kim Kyong Hui, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s paternal aunt (and Kim Jong Il's sister), appeared publicly for the first...

N. Korea quarantines suspected coronavirus cases in Sinuiju

Following the broadcast of a North Korean health ministry official discussing the symptoms of the Wuhan coronavirus on state television on Jan. 21, North...
agricultural greenhouse

Realities N. Korea faces in improving agricultural production

Since assuming power, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has traditionally given a New Year address every year. These New Year addresses generally followed...
plenary session talks constitution

Thae Yong Ho: N. Korea’s constitution must be reformed

On Dec. 27, North Korea’s Constitution Day, the Workers’ Party of Korea’s mouthpiece, Rodong Sinmun, published an editorial on its front page calling for...
plenary session talks constitution

N. Korea desires talks with US as a nuclear power

North Korea recently expressed the intent to rescind its “moratorium on inter-continental ballistic missile (ICBM) launches and nuclear testing” in its report from the...
talks ryanggang province

Kim Jong Un does the unexpected – yet again

It is 2020, the year of new vision and hope, and we have not seen the long-anticipated “Christmas present” from the head honcho from...
factory kim jong un business

Assessing N. Korea’s efforts to encourage private business

Since gaining power, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has adopted various policies aimed at reforming the country’s business environment. The regime amended its...
Kim Jong Un samjiyon soldiers

N. Korean soldiers increasingly strained by construction projects

Soldiers in the Korean People’s Army (KPA) have taken an increasing role in large-scale construction projects pursued as part of North Korea's "five-year strategy...
commodity prices

Probing the effects of North Korea’s skyrocketing market fees

A recent hike in taxes at certain general markets in North Korea has brought grief to some North Koreans. According to sources in South...
north korea strategic position

N. Korea is moving closer to achieving its “strategic position”

North Korea is again raising the stakes. Having urged a change in the US denuclearization calculus in the runup to their “end-of-the-year” deadline for...

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