Building the Atmosphere for the Delegates’ Event

[imText1]The North Korean authorities are trying to generate a favorable atmosphere around the country in advance of the Chosun Workers’ Party Delegates’ Conference, which is scheduled for early September.

To which end, Rodong Shinmun published a report of enthusiastic responses to the news of the Conference yesterday, saying, “So they may view the Delegates’ Conference with high political passion as the result of the shining achievements of their efforts, rallies have been held by many factories and enterprises in the people’s economy. In these rallies, Politburo decisions were conveyed and debates were held.”

Rodong Shinmun continued, “In one rally at the Nakwon Machine Complex in North Pyongan Province, a speaker made mention of the fact that our military and people have moved the revolution and construction forward victoriously under the leadership of the Comrade Kim Il Sung-built and Comrade Kim Jong Il-led glorious Chosun Workers’ Party.”

It continued breathlessly, “In a rally at Daean Heavy Machine Complex in South Pyongan Province, speakers emphasized that they would achieve a leap in production with the pride and confidence of working in the very unit where the Daean Business System was created and which has been immersed in the achievements of the leadership of the ‘Three Mt. Baekdu Generals’ (Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Suk).”

The report seems to represent the authorities trying to draw attention to the Delegates’ Conference by promoting it across the country, and beginning the process of rebuilding the authority of the Party, which has been largely undermined by the growing authority of the National Defense Commission.

Additionally, the authorities have already given notice that the primary purpose of the Delegates’ Conference is the appointment of high officials, so now the authorities seem to be taking action to generate an atmosphere conducive to acceptance of the third generation successor, Kim Jong Eun, by the masses.

The Rodong Shinmun report also noted that, among others and in addition to the aforementioned companies, Yongsung Machinery General Bureau in Pyongyang, Dancheon Mining Machinery Factory in South Pyongyan Province, 326 Wire Company in Pyongyang, Pyongyang Automated Machine Factory and Hamheung Honorary Soldiers Automated Machine Factory all held rallies and confirmed their resolve to approach the Delegates’ Conference as the pinnacle of their revolutionary efforts.

Almost all the best known production companies in North Korea were mentioned in the report, showing that the North Korean authorities are concentrating on settling public sentiment, which is a necessary step in recovering the authority of the Chosun Workers’ Party and launching the public part of the Kim Jong Eun succession process, basing it on both real and propagandized achievements in the people’s economy.