Blocking Twitter Is Inhumane, Stupid

A North Korean propaganda website, “Uriminjokkiri”, which is managed by the North Korean Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland, has denounced the South Korean authorities’ decision to block its Twitter feed, calling it a “reckless infringement upon the right to know.”

The Committee went on in its article, “The South Chosun traitor factions are busily engaged in blocking the ‘Uriminjok’ accounts on You Tube and Twitter,” adding, “This is a stupid move that only computer-illiterates would do in the information age.”

“Threatening with legal punishment those who post comments or spread articles from our Twitter is ignorant behavior which brutally violates the South Chosun people’s right to know, and a mirror reflecting South Chosun’s inhumanity.”

“You Tube and Twitter are awakening people’s interest, and it is a social trend to communicate with each other through the internet,” it pointed out, claiming, “Utilizing the Uriminjok account does nothing harmful for national reconciliation, unity or reunification.”

It added, “The South Chosun puppet factions getting crazy about blocking the Uriminjok Twitter feed is a despicable act which could be done only by those who have turned their backs on the nation and our time. Their wicked purposes are to block our Republic’s (North Korea) truth and facts from spreading, veil their anti-nation crimes and continue pursuing maneuvers to get the same nation to confront one another.”

The Korea Communications Standards Commission blocked access to the Twitter feed from South Korea on August 19th.

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