American Reportedly Detained for Missionary Work

It has been revealed that the American citizen in detention in North Korea is a Korean-American in his 60s who appears to have been arrested in connection with missionary activities.

Citing related sources, Yonhap News reported this morning that the man is a member of a Korean church living in Orange County, California.

The man, who reportedly does hold a North Korean visa, is said to travel regularly between North Korea and the U.S. on business, conducting missionary work at the same time.

According to one source cited by Yonhap, “We know that many Korean churches in America have been doing missionary work in North Korea. It appears that this accident happened within that process.”

Chris Green, Leiden University
Christopher Green is a researcher in Korean Studies based at Leiden University in the Netherlands. Chris has published widely on North Korean political messaging strategies, contemporary South Korean broadcast media, and the socio-politics of Korean peninsula migration. He is the former Manager of International Affairs for Daily NK. His X handle is: @Dest_Pyongyang.