The 444 Days Relay Campaign Has 400 Days Left

[imText1]It was day 44 of the 444 Days Relay Campaign to urge China to stop repatriating defectors, leaving 400 days till the Beijing Olympics.

[imText2]Justice for North Korea held a street campaign near the Chinese consulate in Myung-dong to commemorate the 44th day of the campaign.

Participants marched along the street but were prevented by police from marching in front of the Chinese consulate.

A participant said that “we are marching to draw attention to the inhumane arrests, detention, and forced repatriation to North Korea that defectors are suffering in China.” Additionally he mentioned that “as the country hosting the Olympics, China has an obligation to observe international law regarding problems faced by as many as 300,000 defectors.”

A defector who participated in the campaign worried that his family, who had been hidden in China, had been caught by a Chinese border garrison while trying to enter South Korea via a 3rd country.


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