The Daily NK is publishing a translation of "Hwang Jang Yop's Memoirs (2006)" with the permission of the publishing company, Zeitgeist, and Hwang Jang Yop himself.

"Hwang Jang Yop's Memoirs" are not simply one individual's retrospective on his life, but a book covering Korean history from the time of Japanese colonialism, through the Korean War and subsequent disintegration of the Socialist Bloc, right up to his defection during the great famine of the 1990s.

By reading these memoirs we can observe the Kim Il Sung family structure, transitions in his thought, the means by which Kim Jong Il grasped the levers of power and more, all from the point of view of an insightful, philosophical insider. It will surely bring you the reader much closer to understanding the country of North Korea, its system and ruling principles.


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