[Photos] Ryomyong Street hype still going strong

Kang Mi Jin  |  2017-05-25 21:02
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Promotional posters for Ryomyong Street shown at a tram station (left) near the
Grand People's Study House in Pyongyang and in promotional materials for the
2017 National Industrial Art Exhibition (right). Image: Daily NK
The North Korean authorities continue to distribute propaganda detailing Pyongyangs lavish Ryomyong Street as a major achievement for Kim Jong Un across the nation, including at schools, enterprises, and on the streets, as seen in photos obtained by Daily NK.
"Photos of Ryomyong Street, which has been a focus of the Marshal (Kim Jong Un), can be easily spotted in public, said a Pyongyang resident who spoke to Daily NK on May 22.
The photos of Ryomyong Street have been posted at bus and tram stops in Pyongyang, including in the Mangyongdae and Taesongsan districts, and were featured heavily in the promotional material for the Industrial Art Exhibition held recently. 
"As Kim Jong Un has directly emphasized the importance of Ryomyong Street, the newspapers and broadcasting media are continuously reporting on the subject. Some schools have changed the background images of their bulletin boards to a photo of Ryomyong Street, and some enterprises are also posting up images of the street on their news boards," she said.

Kim Jong Un first announced the plan to construct Ryomyong Street himself in March last year, with a clear intention to claim the project as one of his major achievements. The propaganda was also part of broader efforts to make the international sanctions on North Korea appear irrelevant through the Rodong Sinmun, North Korea's Party-run publication.
The Ryongnamsan area is located on Ryomyong Street and is an idolization site for Kim Jong Il, reminding passersby of his achievements. Kim Jong Un also chose to include Daesong district (home to the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun) as part of the Ryomyong Street project, widely seen to be part of his own idolization project by the residents.
A second source in the capital noted, "Kim Il Sung is referred to as the Sun and Kim Jong Il as the 'Bright Star so it is likely that the word 'Ryomyong (Dawn Light),' will be used to denote Kim Jong Un. The supreme leaders of North Korea have all now ordered the construction of special streets to idolize themselves, including Chollima Street for Kim Il Sung, Kwangbok Street for Kim Jong Il, and now Ryomyong Street for Kim Jong Un."
The North Korean authorities invited a large number of foreign reporters to the completion ceremony for Ryomyong Street earlier this month ahead of Kim Il Sungs birthday anniversary on May 15. In a move seen as unusual for a North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un cut the ceremonial tape himself.

*Translated by Yejie Kim
*Edited by Lee Farrand

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