NK to Earn Millions for Mugabe Statues

Koo Jun Hoe  |  2014-03-25 17:42

North Korea is set to earn US$5 million after producing two statues of Zimbabwes president Robert Mugabe, Radio Free Asia reported on the 25th.

Citing a Zimbabwean news outlet, it was alleged North Koreas Mansudae Art Studio was tasked with creating a 10 meter tall bronze statue in addition to a smaller likeness of the current leader in celebration of his 90th birthday.

The larger, $3.5 million statue will stand in the Zimbabwean capital of Harare, and the smaller, $1.5 million statue will be erected in a soon-to-be-completed memorial hall in Mugabes rural home of Zvimba.  

North Korea is known to have constructed various buildings and monuments throughout Africa as part of the cash-strapped regimes drive to bring in foreign currency.

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